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Welcome to the Hitchhikers site,
Drivers with empty spaces in their cars and in need of some laughing, a serious conversation or a (small) compensation, please click here for submitting a ride! If you are also driving back, you can submit the journey as two rides.
If you are looking for a ride, click the period in which you want to go and a list of available rides will appear. By clicking on an entry you will be directed to a page with detailed information.
Have a nice journey!
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departure date from to seats
2014-07-24 Austria (VIenna) Yugoslavia (Belgrade) 3 info
2014-07-24 Spain (Malaga) Spain (Madrid) 1 info
2014-07-24 France (Parijs) Netherlands (Haarlem) 2 info
2014-07-24 France (Montelimar- Luxemburg-Maastricht- Bussum) Netherlands (Bussum en eventueel Rotterdam) 3 info
2014-07-24 France (fougeres) Netherlands (amsterdam) 2 info
2014-07-24 United Kingdom (Birmingham (Londen)) Netherlands (Hoogeveen) >3 info
2014-07-24 Netherlands (Haarlem) France (Montaigut en Combraille (Auvergne)) 2 info
2014-07-24 Netherlands (Haarlem) France (Parijs) 2 info
2014-07-24 Netherlands (ZOETERMEER) Spain (Tarifa) 2 info
2014-07-24 Netherlands (vanuit Veghel, bijv. eindhoven (station)) France (chateau chinon (ik rijd via dijon)) 2 info
2014-07-24 Netherlands (steenwijk) Germany (weeze airport) 1 info
2014-07-24 Norway (Oslo) Norway (Lillesand) 2 info
2014-07-24 Yugoslavia (beograd) Romania (sfantu gheorghe) 2 info
2014-07-25 Switzerland (Andermatt) Czech Republic (Prague) 2 info
2014-07-25 Spain (Donostia - San Sebastian) Spain (Sevilla) 2 info
2014-07-25 France (Limoges) Belgium (Antwerpen) 2 info
2014-07-25 Hungary (Budapest) France (Paris) 2 info
2014-07-25 Italy (udine) Yugoslavia (sarajevo) 2 info
2014-07-25 Netherlands (Delft) France (La Rochelle) 1 info
2014-07-25 Netherlands (Amsterdam) Croatia (Dubrovnik (omgeving)) 2 info
2014-07-25 Netherlands (eindhoven) France (parijs) 2 info
2014-07-25 Netherlands (Eindhoven) Slovenia (Ljubljana) 2 info
2014-07-25 Netherlands (rotterdam) France (paris) 2 info
2014-07-26 Denmark (Copenhagen ) Sweden (Stockholm) 2 info
2014-07-26 France (Lac Ste Croix (Gorges du Verdon)) Belgium (Antwerpen) 1 info
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